Wednesday, January 30, 2008

To My Ate Kat...

I'm so honored and proud to have known an extraordinary person like you :)

This was a comment by my dearest ever Ate Kat to my Operation Smile post. She sent it to my friendster account:
ayaw tanggapin ang comment ko sa blog mo, so dito ko na lang
ok, first of all, i wanna let you know that we shared
the same experience (and sentiments) in commnity duty..hehe..i hated thursdays
because it's time-consuming,hurdled me from my happy experience in school, and
worst of all, it gave me an UNwanted skin color *the heat was
raging..aughh!*sagip paa was fun though :)
2nd, it's okay to share.especially emotions..tell you
what, if you choose to repress, thoughts that are pushed from your
consciousness, and are submerged in your subconscious will remain dormant, but it's better to say it, than to burst later on :)

ok, if you feel like you can't stir the wheel, at feeling mo
ay magiging super saian (or is it sayan?..whatever) ka na dahil gusto mo ng
sumabog, here's a good outlet...SCREAM YOUR LUNGS OUT!!!..hehe.."
Thanks for being like a real ate to me :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Freaky Friday

Why freaky Friday you may ask. Haha. Well, it's nothing really, as in zero. I just couldn't think of any title at the moment for this post so I'll just have to leave it like that. I know this post is all nonsense so please bear with me okay? :D
How about a "Whatever?!" title?
Okay, so today is Friday (I know you know. sorry about that) and I have no class. Weee. I'm so in loove my schedule ^_^
Wait... Hold it. I think I’m forgetting something again. I do have class tomorrow on Philippine History (and that’s every Saturdays) so my supposed celebration will be useless. Tsk tsk. Stupid me. I shouldn't have mentioned it. I told you, its nonsense.
How about a "Nonsense" title for that?
Speaking of TGIFs, I do believe (and I hope you'll agree too) that Fridays are really meant to be some sort of a "Sabbath" day for everyone especially for nursing students like me. Oh yes, you should agree with me on that! This world nowadays has been intoxicated with so much depression, hate, and everything that goes with it so you can't blame me for loving breaks. Besides, as I've mentioned before in my previous posts, everybody needs a break once in a while. Coffee break (Coffee prince? Haha). Heart break. Outbreak. Whatever kind of break. Give me a break
Oh C’mon. Is it just me or what?? Hahaha.
Oh how I wish I was a person full of humour. Haha. Well at least I tried right? (Taps myself on the back).
Seriously, today is Friday and it’s not as freaky as the title implies—I just really couldn't think of any title. Haha.
I woke up around 4 or 5 am to finish the invitation letters for the VIPs of our Family Class next-next week. We (Adonis, Ginalyn, Justin, John2 and me) went all the way to San Fabian this afternoon at 3pm just to give these letters. My goodness! The 30 minutes trip did drain me. I swear, I really hate traveling especially if it's far and it's freakin' hot (but it's not like when I go home in Anda ok? that's different). And yes, it was freakin' hot this Friday afternoon so as the usual, I had a sleepy head along the trip.
If you only had seen me, my face is so oily, my hair looks terrible and my eyebugs were very obvious plus there were these street children on our way home, begging for money (of course) who have been harassing us while we’re waiting for a bus to pass by. The boy was holding a stone (it was a big one okay?!) threatening us that he'll throw it to our faces if we wouldn't give him money so we all freaked out. Okay, so he didn't actually utter a word or what but that's just how I thought of what he thinks at that moment. Hahaha.Believe me, those kids are psychos. They scared me maaann. Good thing a bus came right in time. What a relief! You should have seen how I ran myself quickly inside the bus. Silly me. Hahaha.
With all of these, what more could I ask for? I looked like a haggard, "toxic" nurse on duty with a 7-7 shift or better yet, a rape victim. Haha. I therefore conclude that I was not in my good condition today and I feel so ugly. At least just for today. Haha. I just had the chance to look at myself in the mirror and comb my hair when we finally arrived in Dagupan at 5 pm. The bus stopped near Jollibee junction so I went there and used the comfort room.
Oppss.. I forgot again. Forgive me. Before all of these, we performed in the gym this morning for the opening of our school's intramurals. Our call time was 6 am but what the heck? The program started 9 am! Nice, very nice. Good thing again, I was late "again". Haha.
These are the pictures taken with my choirmates:
Dear Mom, if ever you're reading, THIS GUY IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND. Hahaha.
*And also to my Dad, this guy is not my boyfriend :p*

*What up with that peace sign, Kuya Neil?! Haha.*

*My Kuya Neil and Me :)*

*What the hell are you doin'???*

*Goofin' around. Foolin' around.*

*Nice one guys :)*

*i LURVE these crazy people*

* My L-NU Chorale Family*

*Up in the sky!!!*

*Now this is freaky!*
Pictures in San Fabian:
* It's Adonis, Ginalyn, Me, Katrina and Justin at the Mayor's Office*

*Hello, San Fabian!*

* Katrina, Adonis and me with Dr. Erano Garcia, MHO of San Fabian*

PS. I'll be going home tomorrow for Pherica's debut.

Happy weekend to all!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Operation Smile :)

Today has been an exhausting day. I need a hug ): We had our community duty kanina and it was damn tiring. Pagkasakay ko nga sa van nung papauwi na kame, naknock-down ako, I swear! Nakatabi ko pa nga si Mam Espinosa na halos masandalan ko na dahil sa sobrang inaantok na talaga ako. Pramis! Hindi ko na nga ma-absorb yung mga details na sinasabi nila sakin para sa Family Class namin next-next week eh. Nagtatake down nalang ako ng notes para pag nasa tamang katinuan na ako, maaalala ko kahit papano. Hay, my gawd, ang hirap pala talagang maging over-all leader sa community duty. I didn't expect that it would be this hard. Every week feels like a torment for me because it's like I have a lot of things to worry about always especially every Wednesdays of our community. Mababaliw na ata ako!
I feel so pressured and depressed right now. Oh noo... What's wrong with me?
I don't know why but I can't find a way to release the pent up emotions inside me it kaya dito nalang. Hay, kung alam nyo lang. I can't even tell my friends about it because I'm scared. I'm scared because I don't want them to feel that I'm weak, that I can't handle it anymore (FYI: basta sobrang daming nakapaloob sa "it" na yan). Ayoko nang isipin isa-isa dahil baka lalo lang akong madedepress. I mean, hindi kasi ganon ang pagkakakilala nila sakin. Ayokong kaawaan nila ako in any way. Nakakahiya kasi mataas ang tingin at expectation nila sakin at nafi-feel kong ganon din ang mga classmates ko. Nahihiya ako sa kanila lalo na kay Shine. Lagi pa naman nya akong pinagmamalaki sa ate niya, kay Ate Apple. Matagal na akong hindi nakakapag-open up sa kanila because I just want to keep it in myself muna.
Darn it! Andaming nakasulat sa whiteboard ko ngayon. Huhu. Andaming dapat gawin. Andaming dapat matapos. Andaming... Basta andami. Sheesh. Sa sobrang dami nila, unconciously, natutulala na lang ako. Mas gusto ko nalang ilista sa aking "Things to do" list. Maryosep!
Ok, change topic na nga.
Looking back... We had our 3rd activity in the community and then next na yung Famliy Class. Nakooo, problema na naman! Pero buti naman at last na yun. Well anyway, it's like a dental mission pala, sort of like that. Haha. Ano bang dapat itawag? It's not actually dental mission kasi. We just lectured about proper brushing and proper nutrition. Parang ganon.
The pictures will explain it for you nalang :)
Yours truly ang official paparrazi of the day kaya wala akong masyadong mukha sa mga pics. Haha.
*Physical Set up Committee*

*Registration Commitee*

*We're all set*

*Aughh. These smiles made my day.*

*Uyy.. Naks naman ni Bryan. Kunwari tumutulong :p*

*Put your hands off me!!!*

*This is my adorable classmate and friend Bryan :)*

*Bryan: Do I look hot? Me: DUH!*

*Lecture in Adonis*

*Galing mo talagang maghost Ate Grace!*

*Shine and Ginalyn. Model ng toothbrush :p*

*This is one of my best, truest and closest friend, Shine*

*Game, set, GO!*

*Games for the kids*

*One big happy family*

*It's Ginalyn demonstrating proper brushing*

*Eto lang ata ang picture ko for the day. Bheh :p*


*Happy Teeth for a Happy Smile*

*Smiles of the day*

Goodnight everyone! Sweet dreams :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Ordinary day. Nothing so interesting happened today so I'll just show you my pictures nung pumunta kami ng Ate ko sa GJ. Wala lang. Matagal na 'tong pic na to pero gusto ko lang i-post for the sake of posting :D
Gloria Jean's Coffee, familiar kaba? Unfortunately, wala pa kasing Starbucks dito sa Dagupan kaya ayun pero I hope meron na SOON :)

So kunwari nageendorse ako para sa GJ, bibili ka pa ba after mong makita ang mga pics na to?



Wait till Starbucks comes!!!

Choco Loco Mocha Chiller

Bili na! Bwahaha :))

Hu-whaaat the...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Find me Everywhere!

Career ito mga friends, I swear! Haha. Super duper active na talaga ang status ko sa cyberworld. Yeah boi! Eh 24/7 internet connection ba naman eh? Super bilis pa. So pano yan? Haha. Nyaks! Naalala ko tuloy na andami ko na palang mga accounts sa iba't ibang site. Ngayon ko lang napansin. Haha.

Isang malaking kamusta naman yun? Lol.



YM: lyra_goddess; lyra_sweetasapple


Ano pa ba? Ano pa ba?

Well ok lang sakin. No big deal. Happy din naman ako kasi at least, di pa naman ako gaanong napagiiwanan sa mga bagay na to. Umaasenso din ang tao! Hahaha. Uy wag ka, marami din naman kayang matututunan na iba't ibang bagay katulad ng pagblo-blog and sort of things like that. I believe na in a way, it would be of great benefit to me in the future—someday and somehow. Iba na talaga kasi ang mundong ginagalawan natin ngayon, sobrang competitive at innovative na, kaya iba rin yung knowledgeable ka about sa mga bagay na ito. I'm sure ayaw mo makarinig ng isang malutong na "D-U-H" mula sa'yong social circle. Idagdag mo pa yung mabansagan kang "SKWATER" (term/word used by saab magalona sa mga...alam mo na yun) at magmukha kang ignorante at computer illiterate, diba?

Ano ba yun?! Nahilo ako dun ah.Haha.

So the bottom line is, kanya-kanya lang talaga yan ng trip :p Peace out!

Nako naman talaga oh. Pinahaba pa daw ang issue. Ang babaw ko talaga. Haha :p

Kakain muna ako. Bye.


You are my sweetest downfall...

Eto ang pinakafavorite line sa song na to by Regina Spektor na ngayon ay super love ko na. Hayy.. Nakakainlove kasi :) Loovveett!

Matagal na ata tong song na to, I'm not sure. Narinig ko lang kasi dati sa laptop ni Ate Anna tapos nagustuhan ko na sya :)

Song lyrics | Samson lyrics

Go forth and...Multiply!

Yes, oh yes may Multiply account na rin ako sa wakas! Whoohoo! Sosyal na rin ako!

Heehee :D

Add nio ako ha?

See you there :D

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Happy Weekend

I'm too lazy right now to share to you some of the happenings during my not so long 1-day-weekend-vacay. I went home on a Saturday night and arrived here in Dagupan around 8pm so that's a Sunday night which makes it 1 day, right? Get it? Read it again! Lol. Due to this, I'll just have to share to you some of my pics (since I have a sem-photographic memory) to give you an idea of how happy my weekend was.
I had a happy weekend because...

I spent it with my family :)

My Auntie Lou and Auntie Lil (with me on the pic) went home from Manila for the fiesta so as expected, the house was once again filled with laughter and...more laughter :D I swear, it was an all day laughing trip to the extremes! They can be that crazy! Hahaha. Oh I just love them both :) They are absolutely one-of-a-kind and absolutely irreplaceable. They are the only people who have the ability to break the silence in our humble home and turn the dullness of the house into bright colors and I'm just really glad of it because Nanay (my Lola) and Papa wouldn't be lonely even for a while :)

And oh, Ate Leilanie, my "long time-no see" cousin which I haven't seen for quite sometime was also there. Suprisingly, she also came even that she has class on Monday that's why my stay was more fun because I had a barkada for the moment :p

Sky and Chloe

The Genuine Happiness :)

These are my pamangkins, "the adorable" Sky and "the batang yagit" Vincent. Hahaha. Look at how they laugh their hearts out! It's sooo natural. I can't even remember why and who are they laughing at during this moment. Hmm.. Maybe they're just projecting for the camera. Haha. Whatever.

Hayy.. Ang sarap pala talagang maging bata noh? I wonder if i'll ever live like a child again. Haha. In my dreams :p

Ok. Corny na :p Enough for this thing. I'm getting senti na. Yuck! :p

Well, that's all for now folks. All in all, my weekend was oh-so happy because I got reunited once again with my family after a month or two that I didn't went home because of some school stuffs, practices in the Choir and my other obligations in Ulnos. *deep, deep sigh*

Btw, I'll be going home again this week because it's Pherica's 18th birthday and I'm one of the 18 candles. Yihee! I'm so excited about it because it's actually my first time to be in the 18 candles. Yeah, first time! Oh my, that's so pathetic to think...

Debut. 18th bithday. Sigh.

Poor, poor me, I didn't even had a celebration when I turned 18. Bheh :p

It doesn't really matter to me now,naalala ko lang for the sake of conversation :p

Hahaha. WHATEVER!!!

*Bye Bye You!!!*

Friday, January 18, 2008

Random Updates

A beautiful Saturday morning to each and everyone! It's exactly 11:25 am here in my pink wrist watch and after this brief update of mine, I'll be going home para maki-fiesta! Yahoo :D Kaya naman I'm not going to hold this kwentuhan very long because I want to arrive home early.

Excited? Not really. 2 hours lang naman kasi ang trip papunta sa aming beautiful island (tagal noh?) and most especially...baka maubusan ako ng food. Bwahaha.
Ikaw? San ang gimik mo today? :)

Exams. Exams.
This picture will tell you kung bakit hindi ako nakapagupdate kahapon. Sayang at madami pa naman sana akong ikukwento. Heehee :p
Exams ko kasi today, kakatapos lang kaninang 8-10 am. Si Ms. Jovy Agor ang proctor namin na kasing sungit ni Mam Jovellanos. Hahaha. I hope they're not reading.
Well, ok lang naman ang exams. Ako ang unang nagpass sa HC lecture. Most of the questions are mainly common sense lang kaya mabilis lang akong mag-answer. Hindi naman sa minadali ko pero ang principle ko kasi, if you really have no idea (and your helpless), you don't have any other choice but to TRUST your first instinct. Ganun lang kasimple. Besides, pag hindi mo naman alam... hindi mo talaga alam. Diba? Diba? Hahaha.
Whatever the result, let it be. I'll just have to leave it like that since tapos na but of course, I have learn from the mistakes I've committed. I'll just do my very BEST in the finals. Never, never, never give up! Hoohoo!
Oh Lord, kayo na po ang bahala :)
Care to Ex Link?
Ang saya pala talagang magblog hopping! Andami ko kasing namimeet na very friendly people sa blog through exchanging links. All I have to do is to leave a message in their tagboard and then ask them to link you tapos yun, it's like you already know each other, na parang friends na kayo.
Most of the people na nakakausap ko sa tagboards are super duper nice. You'll really feel na every blogger shares something in common—and that is their passion for writing. Ang sarap pala ng feeling ng may nakakaappreciate sa blog mo at nagaappreciate ka ng blog ng ibang tao kahit na you don't really know them personally.
If you have read my previous post, you'll have an idea on how impressed I am reading the thoughts and opinions of others, even yung mga daily events sa buhay nila. It's like you have something to look forward to na something worth reading. And take note: ang writing skills nila ay nakakabilib talaga! Super, as in :D Andami kong natututunang iba't ibang bagay sa kanila.
Thank you dear fellow blogger, I've learn so much from you :)


Photo Exhibit :p

But of course, last but not the least, since alam naman nating lahat na mahilig akong magtake ng pictures ng kung anu-anong bagay sa aking cam, naisip kong i-share sainyo ang mga to' at gawing daily part ng mga posts ko. Ayos ba? Hehe.

Exhibit A:

Look at my hand!

Maganda ba? Haha. Lol. Thank you again for my Mom and Tito Bryan for this wonderful present :)

Exhibit B:

May ganito kaba sa room mo?

Ako meron! Haha. It's a must have for every nursing students like me para maappreciate mo ang buhay mo at pati na rin ang buhay ng ibang tao which is your ultimate reason kung bakit magiging nurse ka in the future :)

.....Wait! Diba sabi ko brief update lang? Haha. Naging nobela naman eh! Nyakss! Sorry!

Have a nice day to you :))

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thank God it's Thursday

ALOHA! I'm back!

Hello friends! Hello everyone! How's your week so far? Mine's going to be fine... Huh?!!


Well, I guess I said that because I'm very much aware that it's not only till Thursday night that my week becomes a bit "fine". I consider Mondays to Thursdays as my most "dreadful-slash-pressuring-slash-mind-blowing" days of the week due to some nauseating pending and incoming loads of things to be done (and still counting) plus other responsibilities in my orgs and at home plus dealing with lots of crazy lovely people *deep sigh* that's why gladness fills my heart right now because it's another "Thank God it's Thursday" for me and tomorrow's gonna be a special day because I have no class. Sigh. What a relief.

Oh my, I really love Thursdays. I want more Thursdays :p

Enough for that. Let's get into the lighter side :)

Btw, my digicam is also back! Haha. I missed my precious cam so much that I couldn't almost live without it (haha. kidding) and most especially, I missed taking pictures of myself in it that's why the moment my aunt sent it back here in Dagupan just this afternoon (for she borrowed it to take pictures of my cousin's wedding last Saturday), excitement rushed into me and immediately did some Kodak moments. Hahaha. Talk about self-obsession and being vain :p

Exhibit A:
Picture Galore

First stop. It's me with Gweny and Mona at the canteen. Shine took this picture. I saw them after our performance in the Multi-purpose hall which I almost failed to catch because I was late :p

Exhibit B:

Candy on the Floor :)

Have you bought the Jan-Feb ish of Candy mag? It's Chesca Ortega of the High School Musical on Stage whose on the cover. That's all. Haha.
Exhibit C:
Who says your 2008 planner has to be from Starbucks?:p

Nah. Why buy a costly planner when it could only cost 100P and below? Be practical folks! Look my planner, it's just of ordinary type but I really use it.
Exhibit D:
Vandal Wall of ULNOS

Welcome! This is the messy board of Ulnos in which, as you can see, is at least functional. Haha. It makes it obvious that we're getting really busy for the release of our Tabloid this month.

That's all for now. I'm sleepy already. Goodnight to all of you :) Sweet dreams. God Bless.