Friday, January 25, 2008

Freaky Friday

Why freaky Friday you may ask. Haha. Well, it's nothing really, as in zero. I just couldn't think of any title at the moment for this post so I'll just have to leave it like that. I know this post is all nonsense so please bear with me okay? :D
How about a "Whatever?!" title?
Okay, so today is Friday (I know you know. sorry about that) and I have no class. Weee. I'm so in loove my schedule ^_^
Wait... Hold it. I think I’m forgetting something again. I do have class tomorrow on Philippine History (and that’s every Saturdays) so my supposed celebration will be useless. Tsk tsk. Stupid me. I shouldn't have mentioned it. I told you, its nonsense.
How about a "Nonsense" title for that?
Speaking of TGIFs, I do believe (and I hope you'll agree too) that Fridays are really meant to be some sort of a "Sabbath" day for everyone especially for nursing students like me. Oh yes, you should agree with me on that! This world nowadays has been intoxicated with so much depression, hate, and everything that goes with it so you can't blame me for loving breaks. Besides, as I've mentioned before in my previous posts, everybody needs a break once in a while. Coffee break (Coffee prince? Haha). Heart break. Outbreak. Whatever kind of break. Give me a break
Oh C’mon. Is it just me or what?? Hahaha.
Oh how I wish I was a person full of humour. Haha. Well at least I tried right? (Taps myself on the back).
Seriously, today is Friday and it’s not as freaky as the title implies—I just really couldn't think of any title. Haha.
I woke up around 4 or 5 am to finish the invitation letters for the VIPs of our Family Class next-next week. We (Adonis, Ginalyn, Justin, John2 and me) went all the way to San Fabian this afternoon at 3pm just to give these letters. My goodness! The 30 minutes trip did drain me. I swear, I really hate traveling especially if it's far and it's freakin' hot (but it's not like when I go home in Anda ok? that's different). And yes, it was freakin' hot this Friday afternoon so as the usual, I had a sleepy head along the trip.
If you only had seen me, my face is so oily, my hair looks terrible and my eyebugs were very obvious plus there were these street children on our way home, begging for money (of course) who have been harassing us while we’re waiting for a bus to pass by. The boy was holding a stone (it was a big one okay?!) threatening us that he'll throw it to our faces if we wouldn't give him money so we all freaked out. Okay, so he didn't actually utter a word or what but that's just how I thought of what he thinks at that moment. Hahaha.Believe me, those kids are psychos. They scared me maaann. Good thing a bus came right in time. What a relief! You should have seen how I ran myself quickly inside the bus. Silly me. Hahaha.
With all of these, what more could I ask for? I looked like a haggard, "toxic" nurse on duty with a 7-7 shift or better yet, a rape victim. Haha. I therefore conclude that I was not in my good condition today and I feel so ugly. At least just for today. Haha. I just had the chance to look at myself in the mirror and comb my hair when we finally arrived in Dagupan at 5 pm. The bus stopped near Jollibee junction so I went there and used the comfort room.
Oppss.. I forgot again. Forgive me. Before all of these, we performed in the gym this morning for the opening of our school's intramurals. Our call time was 6 am but what the heck? The program started 9 am! Nice, very nice. Good thing again, I was late "again". Haha.
These are the pictures taken with my choirmates:
Dear Mom, if ever you're reading, THIS GUY IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND. Hahaha.
*And also to my Dad, this guy is not my boyfriend :p*

*What up with that peace sign, Kuya Neil?! Haha.*

*My Kuya Neil and Me :)*

*What the hell are you doin'???*

*Goofin' around. Foolin' around.*

*Nice one guys :)*

*i LURVE these crazy people*

* My L-NU Chorale Family*

*Up in the sky!!!*

*Now this is freaky!*
Pictures in San Fabian:
* It's Adonis, Ginalyn, Me, Katrina and Justin at the Mayor's Office*

*Hello, San Fabian!*

* Katrina, Adonis and me with Dr. Erano Garcia, MHO of San Fabian*

PS. I'll be going home tomorrow for Pherica's debut.

Happy weekend to all!!!