Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So here's the thing...

I’m back to blogging again though I might get to update only sporadically (I would like to thank the movie Clueless for the word). So anyway, I recently changed my 24/7 internet connection to a prepaid mode nalang- I’m currenly using Globe Tatoo. I’m not really using the net that much during school days (school can sometimes be a bitch, y’all know that already) so therefore sobrang lugi ako since I pay P999 every month eh once a month or twice, sometimes pa nga I didn’t get to use the internet for a whole month. Boohoo. Well anyway, Globe Tatoo is okay naman as of now. Haha. Sometimes lang the signal is so mahina that’s why it can be so mabagal at times but anyway it’s cool because I can get to bring it anywhere (it’s so handy) so it’s all good parin :)

Hahaha. Okay that was random.

I miss blogging. I miss my blogger friends :( Hopefully I might be able to catch up parin since a lot of them are using Plurk. It’s soooo much fun! I hope I’ll be able to update a lot to make up for my loooonnngg absence in the blogging world. I miss writing narin eh. Goodluck to me! :)