Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dear Ate Chesca,

You deserve all these
Don't stop shining
And keep that spark within you
because I know there's more to come!
Congratulations Ate Chesca!

fan =)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sembreak finally

Gawd, this day is soooooo boring. I can't imagine how I survived this super to the nth degree celcius hotness of the weather today. And hey, speaking of the weather... Isn't it that, supposedly our weather should be a little less warmer or should I say, colder? Whatever okay? But what's wrong with the weather?! It's freakin' hot this afternoon and I don't know what to do :l Rain, rain, please do rain!

Haha. Okay, enough about that.

Okay, since I have nothing to blog about really so I think I'll just be sharing some pics during our seminar last October 18 at the Fiesta Pavillion, Manila Hotel :)
On our way to Manila Hotel. What's with the snob attitude? Hahaha.
L-NU Nursing Student Council
Behind the scenes.
That's me in the lobby of Manila Hotel. First time eh. Haha.
With our very own CON Dean, Dr. Virginia Mendoza.
I've learned so much from this conference.
On our way home.

It's one of the best seminars I've attended so far and I'm really really grateful to be chosen as one of the representatives of our school. Ahh, the perks of being in the Nursing Student Council! Gahhh, I owe you this =) Thank you for this great opportunity!

P.S. Can I say hooray? Today is officially our first day of sembreak! Yehey!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thank you Sunshine.com

For being truly, my greatest sunshine.

For changing my life in so many ways.

For helping me become a better and whole person :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Chosen Ones

Hello gorgeous people of this planet! This is our last week here in Manila for our affiliation. Bilis noh? The group from Veteran's went home last Friday kaya konti nalang kame sa dormitory here in Varsity Hills.

So here's the thing: You just have no idea how busy I am right now. As in busy-ness to the nth power, I swear. LOL.

Yung tipong di man lang makapagbukas ng other accounts like my friendster or multiply.

Yung tipong di pa kame makalabas labas ni Ishna (ako pa naman ang nagyaya. Sheesh)

Yung tipong di man lang makapagshopping for personal use sa Shopper'sville or MOA. Well nakapunta na ako sa SM Marikina last Saturday pero sobrang saglit lang. If ever makakalabas kame, sa NBS Katip lang mostly to buy the materials we need sa mga activities namin sa Sunshine.com.

Ahh. This is life. Sigh. But anyway, kahit gaano pa kame kabusy, I'm still very blessed and overwhelmed na sa Recovery ako napasama. With that I say, Sunhine.com is one of the best thing that happened to my life :D

Kweschon: Pwede bang maglibrary sa Ateneo kahit di ka student dun? Hehehe. May Case presentation kasi kame about bipolar disorder and we badly need some referrences. You know, you can't really trust the infos you get in the net. It's either we go to the city library or Ateneo. Hay ang hirap naman, sa Friday na pala namin ipapass. Yay yay yay yay.

Hidden agenda: para makakita ng mga artista. Hahaha. I'm such a loser.

I miss Dagupan.

I miss my room.

I miss my school.

I miss my parents.

I miss Sunshine and Izan.

I miss... YOU.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Affiliation Update

It's our 2nd day here in Manila for our affiliation in Sunshine.com in New Manila, QC and we've been literally toxic since our first day so my supposed schedule to blog was postponed. I have lots of stories to tell for all of you so stay tuned :)

BTW, we'll be staying here in Loyola Heights for the 2 weeks duration of our affiliation and it's soooooo cool because we're super near in Ateneo, my dream school. HAHAHA. I hope I'll be bumping into Saab Magalona or Chris Tui one of this days. Heehee.

Will update SOON :) Bye.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happiness is the keyword

Finals are finally over... and I'm so over it.

Okay, so this will be very quick because I still have to do some editing etc etc. Yeah, my job, my responsibility. Whatever. WTFH. Yay! I'm so f*cked up! My life is such a mess. *sigh* Anyway, negativism aside for the mean time, I'm so overwhelmed with joy at this moment (exagge!) that our final exam- the "judgement day" as what we, nursing students call it- is finally over. I've been sleepless and stressed out and anxious for the past two weeks because of the freakin' exams as manifested by pimples here, there and everywhere (screw the freakin' hormones!) and prominent dark circles under my eyes- yeah, the eyebugs. I super love it.. NOT. It's bull.

Here's a quick evaluation of my exams:
  • Cardio- Internal hemorrhage
  • F & E- Sisiw! Hahaha :))
  • Respiratory- Nosebleed
  • GI- ANV (anorexia, nausea and vomitting), Slightly complicated
  • OB- 50-50 Hahaha.
  • Pedia- Easy as usual :p
  • Psych- My favorite subject. My forte. Hehehe.
Okay so here's the best part of all- I lost my examination permit. It was a minute or two before the exam proper when I went to the comfort room to pee- a strong manefestation of my high anxiety level. I know I know. Bad timing (or can you say worst?). I was in a hurry to the max because I don't want to be left behind with the shading thing (FYI: we do shading during exams and unit tests for every single subject) that's why I was almost running to get to the CR. And the rest is history. I'm 100 to the nth power % sure that I had dropped it somewhere. You just can't imagine how my world turned upside-down when I realized that my examination permit was gone in the wind- the most devastating situation of my life so far. I was crying like hell looking for my permit on my bag and everywhere. It's really a good thing and I'm very very thankful that Mam Nicholas, our proctor, was very kind and understanding enough to let me take the exam (I just showed her my permit) or else... I'm double dead. As in like a double dead meat. Taking a special exam is never an option for us nursing students like me so I'm not exagerrating here. *Sigh* What an awful experience :l With all that I say... SHIT HAPPENS! Whahaha.

The lesson? Never ever ever put your money and your examination permit on your pockets and it's so urgent that you have to run because you really need to have a last trip to the comfort room before the start of the lethal exams. Yeah right!!! When will I ever learn this lesson?

So enough about that super bad experience. The most important thing for me now is that the sem is finally over and the next sem will be another chance to change and improve for the best, to rise up again after that long, painful fall and to learn from the past mistakes. I must admit that this sem was not that good or satisfactory (think: mediocrity), whatever you call it but I promise to myself and to my future (haha) and to my Mom and Dad that I'll make up for it and try harder next time by sparing more of my brain cells and burn more midnight oil. I'll avenge my name this 2nd sem. Itaga nyo yan sa bato! Hahaha.

MAJOR UPDATE: I'll be going on AFFILIATION on October 13! I'm suuuppeerrr excited about it! [Obvious naman diba? Naka-all caps pa ang word na affiliation. Hahaha.] Only 25 of us were assigned in Sunshine.com, a recovery institution for mental patients. The rest will be in Veterans and NCMH. I'll be telling more about it when we get there in Manila.

Ishna, magkita tayo please! Hahaha. Sa Loyola Heights, QC ang dorm namin, malapit kaba dun? :)

Oh btw, summer duty na namin for NCM 103 on Monday. So hospital duty from Monday-Friday (Oct 6-10) then affiliation on Saturday. Musta naman yun? :c

A picture in Medical Centrum Dagupan with one of our patient, lolo Adrian. Share ko lang because this pic inspires me a lot. Looking at this picture helped me to become motivated to strive harder this finals. He's one of the nicest and the best patient I have handled so far. I will never forget him :)

Yay! Ang haba din pala ng post na to'. Hahaha. So I think that's all for now. I badly need a good night sleep tonight. I need to regain my energy after this long, stressful, exhausting day.

Thank you Lord for everything :)

Sweetdreams people!