Friday, April 18, 2008

From Korea With Love

Hello everyone! How's your summer vacation so far? Enjoy nio ba? I envy you all :( LOL. I hope you're all enjoying your summer. My gawd, it's freakin' hot today. Summer is really here na talaga!

I was online yesterday but as you can see, now palang ako mag-uupdate. My bad :p It's been 2 weeks na naman since my last post. Wala pa kasing inspiration to write eh and up to now kasi, hiatus and geek mode pa rin ako and I've been somewhere else... in my Multiply. Haayy, kawawa naman tong blog ko :( Well anyway, I'll make up for it nalang after summer classes. Heehee.

Btw, for some of the "God is good" news, we're almost on the midway of our summer classes so it's all good :] Konting-tiis nalang and vacation narin namin. See? I can still have a vacation for a month at least so I therefore conclude that summer classes isn't that bad :D

For some bad news on the other hand, depressed ako ngayon because of the result of our Micro Para exams. It's not so good eh :( I swear, I didn't expect the exam to be that hard. Parang board exam sa Nursing ang dating. Nakakabaliw! I thought madali nalang since matataas naman ang mga nakukuha ko sa mga quizes and scanning of notes nalang ang kailangan. I became confident coz feeling ko, nareview ko na. *Sigh* My aim pa naman is to get a line of 9 in Micro. So sad :( Maybe I just have to try harder. Grrrrr. I will avenge my name in the Finals!

Anyways, last Wednesday was the Graduation Ceremonies of the general courses of L-NU and guess who is the Guest of Honor and Speaker? Tentenenentenen! No other than, Dr. Lucio Tan, one of the most prominent (and richest?) business tycoons in the Philippines. FYI: He's the president of the Philippine Airlines. Oh diba? Bongga!

Syempre, present ang L-NU Chorale sa event na to! Pwede ba naman kaming mawala? Hahaha. Kung saan ang balita, nandoon kami! Grabe, we're soooo privilege talaga kasi diba, it's a rare opportunity na makita ang isang Lucio Tan! It's not that he's rich or something pero, wala lang. Hehehe. Iba lang ang feeling. Parang "in" na din kami. Parang...we belong! Hahaha. We serenaded them during their luncheon and in the Graduation proper so basically, andun kami till matapos ang program. Nakakapagod. When I got home nga, knock down agad ako sa kama :p

Here are some of the behind-the-scenes (naks) pics:

Inside our office. Prepping up time!

Picture ng picture! Errr.

Meet my camwhore buddy, Kuya Neil :)

At CSI Stadia. Kami ang naghawak ng welcoming banner for Lucio Tan.

Kami ang nawawalang anak ni Lucio Tan!!!

The Upper East Siders. LOL.

Dumating na si Daddy! We miss you Dad!

Unfortunately, eto lang ang mga pics. Bad timing naman kasi, nalobat ako kaya ko napicturan ang mga important events. Rawr.

While I was in hiatus nga pala, busy din ako na matapos ang Love Story in Harvard starring Kim Hyun Woo (Kim Rae Won) and Lee Soo In (Kim Tae Hui). Yeah, I know last year pa to but you know me, lagi nalang akong behind. Well I say, "Better late than never"! Hahaha.

Love Story in Harvard portrays the dream and love pursued by foreign students studying in Harvard. It demonstrates bright, hard-working, and romantic characters and storylines.

A young love story set at the famed Ivy League school in the United States. Kim Hyun Woo (Kim Rae Won), a 1st year law student at Harvard Law, enters into a rivalry with classmate Hong Jung Min (Lee Jung Jin) for the affections of beautiful medical student Lee Soo In (Kim Tae Hui). The two men are both from prestigious families, while Soo In is from a poor family.

I tell you, this is one the best dramas I've ever seen. It made me motivated to study. Haha. Lovette. Grabe, it makes me want to study in Harvard tuloy..while falling in love.. Ganong level. Yahoo :)

And the best thing about Love Story in Harvard? It's nonetheless Kim Tae Hui. She's really very pretty, I tell you. As in super crush ko sya. She's like the prettiest of all the prettiest for me :) Hay, if lalaki lang ako, I would want to marry her someday! Hahaha.

Don't you think she's perfect? :)


Aside from "Love Story in Harvard", I also watched the Kmovie, "My Tutor Friend". Ang verdict ko naman's one of the most cutest Korean movies I've ever seen! Hay, nakakainlove and nakakatawa sya, swear! If you'll think about it nga, may pagka-similar sya sa "My Sassy Girl". As a matter of fact, this movie was said to be a sequel to My Sassy Girl. YOU SHOULD WATCH IT!!!!

The story is about a man Kim Ji-Hoon (Kwon Sang-Woo) from a wealthy family who should be in his second year of college, is still finishing his highschool requirements. His family hire a tutor Choi Su-Wan (Kim Ha-Neul) for him who is his own age but she comes from a poor background.

Cutest movie on the planet!

OMG. OMG. O-M-G. Eto pa ang isa sa mga ultimate crushes ko! *Faints* He is Kwon Sang-Woo from the more familiar "Stairway to Heaven". Haaay, I love him na talaga. I'm willing to give my heart and soul and body to him. Hahaha. Just kidding kiddos :))

Yummy :) LOL.

He's my soulmate. Heehee.

That's all for now guys! I'll be doing the plugging thing for my friends nominated at the Candy Teen Blog Awards tomorrow. I'll be visiting your blogs and other blogging activity next time. Don'tchuworry, I'll also be returning comments and answer messages in my tagboard pretty soon :)


Friday, April 4, 2008

Return of the Comeback Part III? Errr.

Oh yeeessss! I'm back again.. for real! Yipee! But this time I'm not going to say that it's going to be for good coz I don't want to fool you guys, if you know what I mean. LOL. OMG! Oh shucks. The last time I blog was.. let me see that one.. okay.. March 14 and today is.. hu-whaaaat? Today is a freakin' Friday night, April 4 so that makes it like a freakin' 21 days that I was virtually dead in the blogosphere. Freakin' freaky huh? Poor me. Huhuhu.

To everyone, I'm really, really sorry for not replying to your messages in my tagboard or returning comments or whatsoever. Maybe some of you would call me madaya for that matter but kasi nga diba, I have summer class and I've been veeeerrryyy very busy in school. As in super busy that I can't even find time to check my friendster or multiply. Oh diba? What a helpless situation. Tsk tsk. LOL. Well seriously, I'm super kaduper busy with my studies coz as I've told you before guys, I want to take my studies into the next level seriousness and moreover, I'm currently on the process of bringing back my usual-old-self that's more determined and goal-oriented. NAKS. I want to become a more productive person so I have to minimize my internet usage on school days except only if it's for scholastic purposes but of course, that wouldn't mean that I will totally forsake this crappy-for-not-being-updated-that-much-blog because I want to keep this till I grow old and have my children and apos. Hahaha. It's now your cue to throw me some bulok tomatoes there. LOL. Most probably, I'll be scheduling all my net surfing and blogging activities on Thursday or Friday night. Half-day lang kasi ako every Thursdays and I have no class on Fridays. Hmmm. Well syempre... It depends on my mood :p

So there you go, while you are out there enjoying the heat of the summer (or not) in beaches or wherever or just simply bumming around and gluing your face in front of the computer the whole day of the rest of your summer vacation, yours truly is struggling to wake up early for my friggin' Microbiology and Parasitology class in the morning (8-11) and (now this is pathetic) trying so hard not to be sleepy in my NCM 100 class in the afternoon (1-6) because I know, you know and we all know that most of us, if not all, feels a bit sleepy after eating our lunch also known as siesta.

Oh my gulay, I should know better now that nursing students knows "no vacation". I mean, I should be erasing the word "vacation" in my vocabulary because starting this semester up to the next 2 years of my academic career (naks), I'll be vacation-less. Damn it.

Hey Cindy, my love :) Thanks for the tag! Aughh.. You're a super friend na talaga coz you know exactly how to make me happy. LOL.

List down ten things that recently made you happy. Then tag it to ten other people to spread the love.

1. My Dell Inspiron 1501 my mom bought me for my 18th birthday. FINE. It's not the most latest and techie-est laptop in the world but whatever okay? "I got it from my momma" so I couldn't care less. Hehe. Ayos ba?

2. My 1 hour and a-half walkathon experience with my cousins Ate Melanee and Ate Leilanie last Holy Week vacation. Hahaha. Lakas ng trip namin eh. We woke up very early and then we started our so-called morning walk to Tondol, a white sand beach in our island town. We didn't swim or anything. Basta when we arrived there, konting pahinga and sight-viewing then umuwi na kami. Hahaha.

Fulfilled. lol.

3. My summer class particularly my Micro Para and NCM 100 subjects. Okay I know it's ironic that my summer class actually made me happy despite that I've been bitchin' about all those rants about my summer class but yeah, I'm having a lot of fun despite that it's very stressful. Mam Alvarez is probably one of my greatest stessors right now but I still love her. I like it tough eh.

4. Enchanted Cave in Bolinao, Pangasinan. My family and I (of course) went there last Holy Week vacation, Sabado de Gloria.

Almost Paradise

Be enchanted

Look at my posing. lol.

The Family's gonna have F-U-N.

Inside the cave. Super hot! Grrr.

5. Eden's 18th Birthday Celebration and the Tabing Ilog Adventure in Sta. Maria Pangasinan Uhm, when was this naba? Tsk. I forgot the date na eh. Anyway, it was a really, super fun experience nung bday celebration ni Eden, a very good friend of mine. Sleepover kami sa house nila and then nung morning, we went to the Tabing Ilog (I also forgot the name of the ilog). Since I'm too lazy already to make kwento every single detail, let these pictures speak for itself nalang :)

The Debutant and Moi

[Insert Tabing Ilog song by Barbie Almalbis here]

I'm walking on sunshine

Walk with me?

Amazing Adventure

Izan and Moi :)

6. My obsession of becoming "maputi" again. Hahaha. I'm not saying I'm maputi before or what but now kasi I feel like I'm so maitim na coz nung outing namin ng choir sa PTA, nag-volleyball kami buong maghapon under the striking heat of the sun. I had no care in the world that time kahit na tanghaling-tapat pa ata yun basta all I know was that I am enjoying so much na I barely forgot na mahal ang Belo Essentials nowadays. Hahaha :D


7. Our role play activity in NCM 100 about the History of Nursing in other lands. We got the Intuitive Period and the outcome was well.. okay. Hmmm.. Wait! I think it's better than okay coz we got the highest score, 90. Not bad, right? Hahaha. Whatever.

8. My latest Candy Issue. I know you'll love it too :)

It's Blair on the April Cover!

9. My new barkada, Ate Apple. Oh Shine, you were asking me to make bida you on my blog so here it is :p

Dude Shine and Dude Apple

10. Finally. Since wala na akong maisip (hehe), eto nalang: My most favorite blue dress. I've worn it like a hundred times already. Hehehe. Just kidding kiddos :)

Now I'm tagging everyone in my link list!

May napansin ba kayo? Hehehe. Ginawa ko syang update. Tama ba naman yun? Haha. Wise ako eh. Beh :p Well that's all for now, fellas! I'll do the blog hopping and returning comments or whatever SOON. I swear, I will. More stories coming up so stay tuned.

I know you missed me.

xoxo, Apple