Friday, March 14, 2008

Four. Tres. Two. Uno

Listen up y'all, cause this is it
The beat that I'm bangin' is de-li-cious
  • Starting Monday next week before the Holy Week vacation , I'm going to be very busy in school and in Ulnos so you may (or may not) see me update my blog that much. I really want to take my studies seriously (to the next level seriousness) because I want to give my grades a total make over especially now that I couldn't take my Micro Para and NCM 100 as a joke ever coz definitely, they're not. Please bear with me.
    Mia and Jems would probably understand this since mga nurses na sila. Haha. Anyway, speaking of our resident RN bloggers, I think above anyone else, they are the ones who have all the right and privilege in this world to blog as much as they want coz they don't have to problem school anymore. Hahaha. I so envy them :( LOL.
  • I bought myself a March copy of Uno Magazine yesterday. Of course I do know it's a men's magazine but it's not what you're thinking. LOL. It's also not that I've ditched off my Candy magazines and that I've switched to Cosmopolitan, Glamour, FHM and Uno Magazine for that matter but (okay, here it is) I just did buy one because of this one major reason...
Ellen Adarna, my most favorite Candy Girl is on the cover!!!

Behold and see her evolution from sweetie...

To hottie...

OMG! That was waayyy too H-O-T to handle!
Pictures taken here.

Notice to the Public:

Note: Yeah, I know I'm such a big fat liar when I said that this is not a blog post but I've changed my mind. Hahaha. Weird ko noh? The Notice to the Public section can be found now in the sidebar of my blog (for the meantime only) to give way for this post so you can comment about it. Baka din kasi maguluhan kayo :)

Okay, so now you understand. You may now proceed reading this whole thing. LOL.

# 1: I've changed my layout...finally. Waddaya about it guys? Is it just ok or what? Please let me know so I can do something about it. Malakas kayo sakin eh :)

# 2: Prior to # 1, upon changing my layout, due to an unconscious negligence and my semi-ignorance to these things (it's actually my first time), The Beautiful Mind, my Official Link List was lost, deleted or whatsover which would mean that some of you (a lot, actually) will not be able to see their links for the meantime. My sincerest apologies.

Unfortunately, it's totally gone now except for the links in "The Glamorous" section, previously named Highly Recommended. Those people in that list are some of my closest friends here, my blogkadas so I have memorized their sites already, kaya ayun. I didn't see that coming, really, kaya wala sanang magtatampo or what kasi lahat kayo, love ko :)

Believe me, I have backed up everything so perfectly before I finally clicked that 'Save Template' button so please don't raise your eyebrows on me coz I'll do my very best naman to make it up to you, to find your sites and link you again...from scratch. Yeah, that's the deal.

Tck. Sayang. I have 100+ links pa naman na ata :(

So yun, if ever napadaan kayo dito and you'll be searching for your link (and you couldn't), please let me know so I can add you up ASAP. That' a promise.

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.

# 3: Don't forget to comment on my posts. Yes, this is the most important thing you have to know. LOL. You know where and you know how. Less than a minute of you're precious time won't hurt :)

# 4: Beware of hackers. Misha's blog (and multiply?) has been hacked din ata according to our sister, Mia. I'm not sure okay but I'm worried of course. Before it was Cindy's multiply and now it's Misha's blog. We'll never know who will be their next victim so be careful. Be very, very careful guys.

Edited: It's confirmed already. Misha's blogspot, multiply, 2 friendster accounts and for heaven's sake, even her emails was hacked.

I mean, WTH? What is dead wrong with this world nowadays? Tsk tsk tsk.

GET A LIFE, LOSERS! BACK OFF and leave my girls alone! Please lang noh?


1. Start copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy” to your blog.
2. Put your own blog name and link.
3.Tag at least 10 of your closest friends that you want to meet up in the future. You may register your names here if you want to.
This is fun!
What: Blogkada and Blogger friends reunion/meet up/get together

SM Mall of Asia (or where ever. you set the place)

When: Date/Month/Year at ____ a.m/p.m (you set the time)


You are officially invited:
1. Ishna
2. Cindy
3. Misha
4. Jemimah
5. Mia
6. Tric
7. Bianca
8. Arianne
9. Mapi
10. XTY

Keep the list going. See-you-all-real-soon!

Hahaha. Ayos ba mga dude?

Actually, I had this very funny but cool thought after Moi and my sister love Ishna have talked about our plans of meeting up when I'll go there in Manila the near future (haha), during my vacation, if there are any. LOL. So yun nga, I was like, "Why not, poknat?". Brilliant idea! Haha. It looks like the coolest kids in town have come up with the coolest-idea-ever! Oh, may aangal? Bwahaha.

Can you imagine how supah cool and fun is that to meet your closest friends in the cyberworld someday? I'm pretty, very so sure (haha. forgive my redundancy :p) that would be a looot of fun!!! As in 100% fun.

Hey, I'm serious okay? I'm dying to see you all in person! Hahaha.


Tag from Cindy and Chynx:

10 Random Things/ 10 Things People Don't Know About Me

1. I'm currently applying to be the EIC (Editor-in-Chief) of our school's publication. Yeah, I know it doesn't seems like I'm qualified or something because I'm not that good in writing as you do (haha. just kidding) plus I do not have the perfect grammar but yeah, believe it or not, I took the guts of intending to be the EIC.

FYI: I've been in ULNOS, the Official Student Publication of L-NU for one year now in where I'm currently the Feature Editor.

Lord, let thy will be done.

Prayers, that's what I need from you all right now so can please do you me this little favor of including me in your prayers tonight or the next night or the next, next night? Haha. I will definitely appreciate if you do :) Btw, our Associate Editor and Managing Editor are my fellow candidates in the EIC spot (rawr) and we'll be having our exams from Monday to Tuesday (double rawr) so I'm really getting nervous now. Please, please, please pray for me!

2. I know you already this but beside my ULNOS, I'm also a part of our University's Choral, the L-NU Choral or in other words, I am supergirl. *Very long silence* Screw up, I'm joking man! Hahaha. BIG FAT JOKE okay? Not funny actually. Why? Take it from Spiderman, "With great power comes with great responsibilities." Okay, you got my point. LOL.

Find me in this picture :p

On the contrary of my being a Choir member, yes I can sing but I'm not that really good as what Ishna and Jems might be expecting as of this moment coz fyi again, they've been bugging me to post a video with me singing. Kamusta naman yun? Hahaha. Well girls, CHILAX. Don't worry coz your request might be granted soon. Whahaha. Feeler ako eh.

3. I had my hair rebonded twice already. My hair was naturally curly before kaya naman for a change, I decided to have my hair rebonded.

Virgin hair no more :p

4. Chace Crawford is the man of my dreams! Errr. Do I need to explain that? LOL.

5. I hate loud people especially those who cannot control the modulation of their voice. I mean, diba? Imbyerna. It's soooo annoying lang kasi masakit sa tenga. Ako kasi, I don't want to be scolded or masigawan in any forms because I believe na lahat ng bagay ay nadadaan sa magandang usapan. Okay that was a replay.
I've said this na kasi before in my previous post. Better not talk nalang if you're gonna make sigaw. Haha. Conyotic tone ba?

6. I want to become a Community Health Nurse someday. Yes, among all the fields in nursing, this is what I really wanted to be. Well, I also want to be a hospital nurse but I have this strong feeling na sa community ang calling ko. Before kasi, I don't want to take up nursing coz I wanted to become a Social Worker. Yup, I had dreams before of becoming a volunteer social worker but of course ayaw ng parents ko. So yun, I've realized later on when we were having our duties na in the community that I'm a social worker na rin in a way kaya naman right now, I'm enjoying my nursing course :)

7. Sinigang is my favorite-food-of-all-times! Hmmm...

8. I love sunset more than sunrise. I don't know the exact explaination to this pero there is something really unique about sunset eh. Uhm, maybe its drama? Haha. I'm not sure :p

9. I'm an Olsen Twins fan. Haha. Corny.

10. I love you all. Hahaha. Wala na akong maisip eh. Sorry :D Ie-edit ko nalang to kapag may naisip na ako, okay?

And last but not the least, another tag from Chynx

This is the easy way and the fastest way to :

1. Make your Technorati authority explode.
2. Increase your Google Page Rank.
3. Get more traffic to your blog.
4. Make more new friends.
Rules :
1. Start copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy” to your blog.
2. Put your own blog name and link.
3.Tag your friends as much as you can.

1. Picturing of Life
2. Juliana’s Site
3. Hazel-My Life, My Hope, My Future.
4. Jeanne-The Callalily Space
5.My Family is my Life
6. The Simple Life of a Baghag
7. On A Wonderful Day Like Today
8. House Everything
9. The Creativity in Me
10. Travel and Photography
11. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
12. Nora’s Notes
13. Noras Family Treasures
14. Fil-Oz Blog
15. What A World
16. More on Health
17. Everyday Life
19. Pinaywife Atbp.
20. Laugh Out Loud
21. Life’s Lessons
22. Kerslyn’s Comfort Zone
23. Borski and Nai
24. Daniel's Girl
25. The Sweetest Escape

Now I'm tagging everyone in "The Beautiful Mind" list :D

Have a happy weekend to all!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Return of the Comeback Part II

Warning: Taglish Post Ahead. Sorry to my "International" friends. Haha. Feeler. LOL.

Finally! Nakpagupload na din ako ng pictures! Hassle talaga yang Google Error na yan. Errr... Asar to the max!

Anyway, change topic. So yun, ideally, if there's Part I dapat may Part II so now I give you the continuation of my yesterday's post. If you'll notice (since it's very obvious), puro pics to' nung mga times na naglaho akong parang bula. Haha. Actually, sooobrang daming events ang nangyari during that 2 weeks kaso tinatamad akong magupload now and tell every single detail.

Oo nga pala, before I forget... Returning comments, messages, links, tags and whatsover schedule was moved on Thursday night coz I'm super busy now with my studies. I have a quiz (or quizes?) in NCM 100 later and we'll be interviewing a Hospital Nurse in Trauma or Nazareth Hospital for our NCM 100 lab activity. And hey, then there's our ULNOS deadline, 4 poems and 1 short story which I have not yet submitted because of my quizes (forgive me Ate Anna) and so on, and so forth. SUPER BUSY pa rin ako, can you see? Career ito mga friends! Haha.

So yeah, to all my barkadas (you know who you are) and friends, I'll see you on Thursday okay? I promise to give the best comments on your posts. Thanks for not letting go. Haha. Uyyy, miss ko na kayo!
February 29, 2008- Papa's Birthday at Red Ribbon, Nepo Mall, Dagupan City.
My very, very handsome Papa. (It's his birthday kasi. Haha)

Camera Shy? Hahaha.

Papa's Girl

March 1, 2008-
L-NU Choral Performance at our Dean's house (College of Nursing) in Mangaldan, Pangasinan. Gosh, super ganda and fabulous ng house ng Dean namin, as in. The landscape, the garden, and the ambiance as a whole is so like paradise.

As I've said, super ganda ng place kaya naman as usual ginawa naming "photo shoot" ang aming supposed-to-be dinner serenading task. Syempre, ang president ng Camwhore Inc, yours truly, ang nag-initiate at nagpasimuno ng lahat. Hahaha.

May chance ba ang modeling dreams? Tell me. Whahaha.

No comment.

The Supermodel Wannabe

Now with Ate Romelyn stealing some camwhore moments before the performance...

Oh! And there's Reynaldson. Modeling Mode din? Haha.

March 7, 2008- Hotel Consuelo, Lingayen, Pangasinan. Choral Performance at the BS Tourism's Convention.

Realyn and Moi: The Prettiest Sopranos

With Kuya Donald, Mc Donald :p

With "The Boys"

Pogi Ako. No objections!
(Waaaa! Laki ng tummy ko. Yuck :p)

March 8, 2008- L-NU Choral Outing last at PTA (I forgot the meaning) Beach Resort, San Fabian Pangasinan.

We are the Champions!

Make Money, Not War (play money, i should say)

We did it the Filipino Style! Yeah baby, yeah!

Kamay-Kainan. Sarraaaaaap!
Featuring: Hilaw na Manga, Kamatis, Bagoong, Talong, Adobo, etc.

See you all on Thursday! Love you all :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Return of the Comeback Part I

After 253485960 years

*Drum rolls please*

I'm Back!!!

After almost 2 weeks, 13 days to be exact, of being on a hiatus status or shall I say, "mysterious disappearance" in the blogging world, I'm finally back and I'm back for good. Hopefully. Let's toast to that, shall we? Haha.

Yayayaaay! I really missed everyone as in super missed! I know, I know. I've been a bad girl. I'm really sorry for not leaving any trace or notice that I'll be gone for quite a while. 2 weeks is quite a while right? Haha. I swear, I totally have no intentions of forsaking and abandoning this blog okay so let me explain myself. Haha. Whatever.

Anyway, before that, I just read my tagboard and I was very, very overwhelmed to read messages like:
  • apple! i'm back already. wala ka pa rin? :( miss you- Ishna
  • apple! nammiss kna ng blogosphere! hope everythings okay wit u :)- Cindy
  • apple, udate na :p- Superym
  • apple namimiss na kita..:)- Mia
  • Update ka na Apple! :)- Tric
Aww, very touching and heart-warming :) I was actually teary-eyed while reading all your messages. Promise. No sugar. Haha. You know what? I've realized just now that more than blogging and anything else, I MISS YOU ALL the most especially my "barkadas" in the blogosphere, those who have been very close to me and those people who loves me and my blog. Well, you should know by now that I love you more :) I haven't seen all my messages yet, maybe I'll just go over them later. Thank you very much for keeping in touch.

So finally, THE REASONS:
  1. The overused reason. Drum rolls again please... I was super busy. Haha. Yeah as in super busy. Busy because of our Final Exams, book reports, projects, paper works and the usual school stuffs.
  2. We moved. I mean, we moved to our new condo unit. Haha. Joke. Apartment lang. Ate and moi became very busy moving and fixing our stuffs to our new-and-improved home. Though our old and expensive apartment's more convenient since it's just near our school and is nearer to the commercial areas, I like it here better coz it's more spacious and we can be able to get a taste of fresh air here than before. It'll be a change of scenery for me for the next 2 years :) I'll show some pics of our new home soon.
  3. In connection with reason # 2, since we moved, our internet connection was also relocated. It took weeks before we got connected again because hindi agad naasikaso because of, as I've said, we were busy packing and moving our things.
  4. Emotional problems. Whahaha. I had gone through a lot these past few weeks that I was gone. I'll just post about it next time.
So there you have it. Now you should all know that this blog is still existing and yours truly is still alive so please don't name me Casper, the friendly ghost or whatsoever. Haha.

And now for the Updates Uplate...

Update Uplate # 1: Summer Class '08.

The classes started March 5 but it was just orientation and stuffs. The real battle will be starting tomorrow so wish me luck guys. I have to prepare and braise myself for the curse of my nursing course in on sight. Haha. Just kidding.

Well seriously, I have to really, really study hard and squeeze my brain juices for my NCM 100 and Micro Para this summer class. FYI: Microbiology and Parasitism, according to many, can make your worlds go merry-go-round. Nakakabaliw daw. Creepy huh? Oh Micro Para, please be good to me :D

Oh brighter side.. Sudden change of emotion. Oh my gosh! I'll be having hospital duties very soon so you better tune in and watch out for me wearing my white uniform. I'm sooo sooo excited.

Update Uplate # 2: The DVD Marathon

Since we had no internet connection for the past few weeks, Dimple (my older sister's name) and moi went on a DVD marathon. (We have cute nicknames noh? Dimple and Apple. Haha.)


If you're a die-hard Beatles fan, surely gonna love and crave for this one. And since me and Ate are not, hindi kami nakarelate masyado. Haha. But all in all, it's one of the best and interesting movies I've watched so far. It's a work of art, I tell you. I am 100 % sure that this movie's gonna be a hands-down-hit! Never ever dare not to watch it! More info about this movie here.
My favorite line in this movie: "Screw up, I'm joking man!"

Who in this world doesn't know A Ben Stiller? Next to Adam Sandler, I think he's one of funniest guy I know. (Yep, I know him as in were friends. Haha.) Sorry about that Ben but Adam Sandler is still my number one favorite comedian of all times! Haha.

Okay back to Ben, so far I've watched There's Something About Mary, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Meet the Parents and its sequel Meet the Fockers and I could say that he's freakin hilarious! More info about this movie here.

The Notebook vs. My Sassy Girl

It's a TIE.

To the recommendation of my sister dearie Ishna, I watched My Sassy Girl ora mismo! Now I have to go and blame her because this movie is now tied with my all-time-fave, The Notebook. Haha. Just kidding sis. Love yah :)

Anyway, the movie is really good. It's not like the usual love stories I've watched, the story is the most unique among all. In fact, it's exactly my-kind-of-love-story. Well yeah, I'm so happy to finally watch it coz it seems like everyone have watched it except me...again. Bwahahaha. Again? Lagi nalang akong napag-iiwanan pansin nyo? Huhuhu. Ako ako ako. Lagi nalang ako. LOL.

More updates next time ok coz WTF, hindi ako makapagload ng pictures!!! What's up with this Google Error huh? Can somebody help me out here? Errr... Naman oh. Walang pakisama. I hope ok na later coz it's kinda freakin' me out y'know!

P.S. I'll be returning comments, messages, links, tags and whatsover later after my class so sit back, relax and see a movie. Abangan ang mga susunod na kabanata :p LOL.

Till here guys. See you when I see you.

XoXo, Apple