Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Someone to look up to

I guess each one of us has our own sets of persons in mind that we've been admiring and idolizing. They are some of the extraordinary being who have been such great influences to our lives. They have become a great part and reasons of who we are right now and what are we going to be in the future.

For me, it has been a kind of “essential” to think of those persons that I would like to set as examples, not or never to imitate or copy of course but as what I've said, to make them examples and inspirations because I believe that in one way or the another, they'll be helping me become a better, more goal-driven individual.

Instead of the title, "Top 10 Most Beautiful People Living" I have changed it to "Someone to look up to" coz a lot of my friends might protest for not being included. Haha. Peace out :p

Warning: Pretty-Hot-And-Tempting Girls Ahead (in random order)

Can you tell me who's the fairest of them all? :p

My Super Mom in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Picture taken here

Of course above anyone else, I look up to my Mom the most because she's the Bestest-Mom-Ever! I'm so lucky to have her as my mom and on the other way around, she's lucky because I'm her daughter. LOL. Well, I don't really need to elaborate or exaggerate y'know. I love her so much and that will explain it all :)

Okay, so you're claiming that you're Mom's the best but you should have read the rules first. No objections people, my Mom's da' Best! Bwahaha! Just kidding!
Chesca Sumilang as Audrey Hepburn
Picture taken here

3rd-year BS Psychology in UPD. HS Valedictorian. Prom Queen. Dagupan's 12 Prettiest. Model. And so on and so forth... In short, she's perfect. I mean, almost.

I met Ate Chesca in an Essay Writing Contest back in HS. I was 2nd year that time and she's 3rd year. I always see her in quiz bees and other academic contests here in Dagupan but that was the first time that I actually got the chance to talk to her. I was starstruck dude! Haha. Joke.

I tell you guys, she's super pretty, smart and friendly. I must admit that what I know about her are all superficial and mababaw, but still, I look up to her simply because she has it all! Could it be her milk? Haha. Haayy... I wouldn't really wonder why there so many people wanting to be her by pretending to be her. Yep, I'm talking about her numerous posers. She have lots of posers or psycho posers rather flocking around the net so don't be fooled and better be careful coz there's only one Chesca Sumilang!

The prettiest EIC, Ate Anna
Picture taken here

Ate Anna is the Editor-in-Chief of our School Publication. She's 4th-year now and almost graduating taking up BSN here in L-NU. She's the longest-running EIC as of now and for me, that's just amazing coz despite the grueling Nursing life (everybody knows that) and her almost impossible schedule because of her hospital duties, etc she still managed and survived to be the EIC. No one can ever replace her in Ulnos :)

I look up to Ate Anna of her simplicity. Simple yet charming. I love her for being that coz for me, "Simplicity is a Virtue". She doesn't even have to try to be beautiful or whatsoever coz it just comes out to her naturally. In fact, she's my fashion icon! Haha. *Crossing-fingers* I hope she's not reading this though. LOL.

She was never judgmental on people. She doesn't conclude things without being sure of it. She won't agree on things just because everyone agrees or in other words, she has her own decisions. And most especially, I admire Ate Anna for her very, very long string of patience for Ulnos. She knows what I'm talking about. Haha.

My Childhood Bestfriend, Jeanne
Picture taken here

Jeanne and I were classmates and best of friends during our preschool and early grade-school years in LICS. We were the closest pipz during that time. Yeah, as in super close that we even write each other short notes using our scented Hello Kitty stationeries even though we're just a few chairs away from each other. Silly noh? Haha.

I look up to Jeanne because she's very beautiful (haha) and she never forgets. Although we didn't had the chance to see each other grow up and mature since as I've told you guys before, I use to transfer schools a lot, that didn't became a hindrance to our friendship. When I transferred school, I was in Grade 3 then, Jeanne and I were the best pen pals in the world!

Our constant communication did the job for our friendship that's why up to now, I know we're still the best of friends that we were ever since. Though a lot of things have changed on both of us like we totally have different worlds now, different school and set of friends, I know in my heart that the Jeanne Bernadette Rivera I used to know before is still the same person now. She was the very first person who taught me what bestfriends should be no one can ever replace her for that.

My Ate Kat
Picture taken here

Ate Kat and I just became close recently and I could tell now that she's one of the sweetest and nicest person I've ever met! I swear, as in Jawbreaker sweet. LOL. Everytime we'll bump into each other in school, she'll always give me a hug and make beso-beso to me and that's just nice of her. Whenever Ate Kat does that, I felt loved, as in super loved. Simple acts like that coming from her never fails to make me "awww" and I look up to her for that :)

The Unbeatable Top 1 Dean's Lister, Renee
Picture taken here

Renee had been my classmate during my freshmen year here in college and I can say that I've learn so much from her. Renee and Charisse or shall I say the "Promil kids" were the first persons I get to be friends with this college and I'm so glad I found them. They've influenced me so much particularly in my studies because those two geeks were very, very, very studious and grade conscious kaya ayun, I felt the pressure to study din and eventually, nahawa ako. Haha. Just kidding :p

I look up to Renee coz she taught me how to be fair on everything. When it comes to studies, she'll always remind me that you should get the grade you deserve, that you shouldn't be dependent on other people coz in the long run, it's just yourself that you can depend on
. Renee always reminds me to do my best in everything coz there might be no second chances, that there might be no next time. She's one of my greatest inspirations to strive hard in school.
The Gorgeous Beauty, Jamaica
Picture taken here

At first, I thought Jamaica was a spoiled, snobbish rich kid who always get what she wants. I had thoughts like that probably because of her sosyalera status (haha), that she's Inglishera and all that or in other words, "unreachable and untouchable" but I was definitely wrong. When Jami and I became classmates last semester and eventually get to know each other, that's the time I knew I had to stop believing in the saying that "what you see is what you get".

I look up to this girl not because she's like the "it girl" of our school: beautiful, gorgeous, exceptionally smart and she has almost everything but because despite that she has all the reasons to brag about what she have and be a snob...she never did. She's like the most down-to-earth persons I've ever met and that's just amazing right?

And because I'm such a good friend... Hahaha.

Shiela Ragos
Picture taken here

Sunshine Karisma Frias and her BF (?)
Picture taken here

Fresan Joy Posadas
Picture taken here

I look up to them coz they're my friends.
Nothing more. Nothing less. PERIOD.
Hahaha :))

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quick Update 101

It's now your cue to applause....


Can I say hoorraaayy???

Hello there Upper East Siders! Guess what? I just finished watching GG on DVD yesterday :p Yeah, I know I suck bigtime coz I might be the last person on this earth to watch it. Haha. Loser much?

OMG! This just got in. Jemimah, one of my closest friend in the blogging world and fellow Dagupeńa passed the Local Board! Blow out! Blow out! LOL. I'm so proud of you Jems! Big big big congratulations to you!Whew, that's a lot of "!" stuffs there :p

Now you can officially add the "RN" title to your links coz it's now Jemimah, RN :) Woohoo!

Please do visit her site if you have time and offer your warmest felicitations to her.
Thought for the day:
"When you have it, flaunt it"- Gweny :)

To My Dearest and Most Precious Ate Shiela,

It's been a month or two since you finally decided to go abroad and work. You almost left us without even saying goodbye and we're despising you for that up to now you biatch! LOL. Well seriously, it's been kinda hard for us to adjust, most especially for me since it's like 50 % of the day that we're together (excluding school hours). The sem has officially ended and now we're missing you so badly :)
Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, always remember that we're always here for you okay? We're just an IM away :p I know you're a thousand miles away from us but please keep in mind that you'll always stay in our hearts—and that's a promise. Don't you ever forget that we'll be your girls-for-life and at the same time, don't you forget our chocolates and pasalubongs okay? We'll definitely wait for your comeback!

We miss you so much Ate Shiela!!! (L-R: Shine, Shiela, Izan and Me)

Because something has always been missing when you left...
I miss my Chowking buddy, I miss my bestfriend :(
...coz our Chowking nights will never be the same w/o you :p

I promise to post a more decent update next time :)

But before I sign off I just want let all the crazy and wonderful people know to this...

Are you happy being single?


You have a full, fun life. And you definitely don't need love to be content.

Of course, being single can get you down a little. Especially when you've been single for a while.

But you know how to be patient and wait for the right person. You're life is too good to settle for anything!

Are You Happy Being Single?

So can I say hoorraaayy for the last time?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Greatest Love Stories Ever Told

Hey you, just some sort of a survey here :p

What are you're TOP 3 to 5 (if you're in the mood) most unforgettable movies that had made you cry? I hope you can still remember those. It can be a love story or anything, except for comedy movies of course. I mean, it's different when you cried out of laugher right? LOL. I would love to know what you think about it so just comment me for your answers. Woohoo. I'm so excited :)

I'm encouraging (for my friends: "obliging") you to watch the videos down here for you to appreciate this particular post. Haha. Yeah, why not? LOL.

Well anyway, these are the trailers/scenes of my TOP 5 most unforgettable love stories of all times. These are the some of the "rare" movies that had never failed and will never fail to make me cry and give me some serious goosebumps every time I watch it.

Patience is a virtue so please be patient while waiting for the vids to load. I promise you, it's all worth it. Even if you have seen these movies in the past, it's different when you reminisce them. You'll gonna fall in love again after watching these maaann, I swear :)

Awww Movie # 1: The Notebook

Awww Movie # 2: Titanic

My Heart Will Go On (with dialogue)

Add to My Profile | More Videos

Awww Movie # 3: A Walk to Remember

Awww Movie # 4: 50 1st Dates

Awww Movie # 5: The Lake House

Oh sorry... It's just supposed to be 5 but let me add this one:

Awww Movie # 6: Serendipity

*Teary-eyed* I really, really, really love and crave for movies that can give me a good cry after watching it. As a matter of fact, I can only judge or conclude that the movie was good based on that. The harder I've cried, the better :p Hahaha. Lame as it may seem but I just believe that if you've found yourself crying after watching the movie or whatsoever, it only means that it has captured your heart and has it moved you. Am I making sense here? Well... I hope so :p

I know at this moment, you already know that I am such a sucker for romance. Or you can call me a "
hopeless romantic" for that matter. I'm definitely cool with that :)

So how about you?
What are you're TOP 3 to 5 most unforgettable movies that had made you cry? Let me hear it :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

RED is for ♥

THE LOGIC: Today is Feb. 14 and Feb. 14 is Valentine's day. Valentine's day is commonly associated to hearts, flowers particularly roses & etc. Roses are red and figuratively speaking, the color of the heart is red. So I therefore conclude that the title of my post shall be a 3-letter word, RED. Haha. Whatever :p

This Heart's day the color red for me is for:

The Red Alert for Blogspot blog/site owners (or whatever you may call it)

I've posted this with Joseph's permission (of course) to help him spread the news about the pop-ups he have been experiencing when visiting some Blogspot sites through his Kaspersky. I just want to share it to you because this info might be helpful in the future. Read on to understand what I'm talking about.

Blogspot.com l A Phising Site?

"Recently, I was browsing blogs through my blogroll, since most links I do have or linked up from my site was from blogspot.com. Before, it was all okay and no anti-spy alert will pop-up on my desktop from my installed internet security, Kaspersky Internet Security

But a few days ago, was like 2 days ago, I experience pop-ups from my
security suite, emphasizing that the page I was trying to open is a
phishing site.

This is what the phishing alert looks like,


I really don’t know what happened to blogspot.com. I did conform my classmates about this incident but, they are afraid of doing so, and or their Kaspersky is blacklisted. I was also trying to contact blogspot but I wasn’t able to get their contact e-mail so I decided to place it on my blog, hoping for Blogspot can search this post and or put action to this matter."

After reading this in Joseph's blog I felt quite alarmed. I don't know about you but I'm a bit worried because who the hells knows if this can cause Blogspot users like me problems or trouble in the future right?

The red headband of i know you all know who :p

I know, you're going Gaga over GG series and I'm not. I mean, not yet. LOL. Everyone's seems to be crazily talking about this Gossip Girl phenomenon especially by who else but non other you! Hahaha. Guess who??

I know you're crazy about the whole thing so "I know you'll love me if" if I'll be posting about something you're dying for and of course, it's no other than Blair Waldorf!
Picture taken here

I saw this very interesting article about BW from this site and so now, for the sake of at least having a GG entry for this blog, I'm gonna post it here :p

1. Try getting blue contacts and dyeing your hair very dark brown. You can blow dry or straighten it, as long as it's healthy and shiny. Blair is 5"4, with blue eyes and straight brown hair or sometimes might do loose waves depending on the occasion. At the start of the series, her hair is long, but then she gets it cut in a short style.
2. Dress
preppy, but also a little bit sexy. If you can, get designer brands - some of Blair's favourites are Chloe, Marni, C&C California, Calvin Klein, True Religion, Seven, Dior, Habitual, and Missoni. Also, remember her favourite colour is shell pink, but she isn't obsessed with it - try to get a pink polo. Blair also loves cashmere, designer bags, and shoes. She has expressed her dislike for Target, so stay away from their clothes. Shop outlets, clearance sales and TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Loehmanns for the shoes and bags. Whatever you wear, make sure its hot and looks like what a Manhattan socialite would wear.
3. Be very smart and a perfectionist. Blair is at the top of her class, speaks French fluently, and excels at all of her subjects. Try not to ever fail anything. If you do, lock yourself in your room and feel sorry for yourself while watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's".
4. Don't be afraid to be mean, but do it discreetly. This means freezing out other people and spreading nasty rumors. Don't ever confront someone, or say some cheesy comeback, that's just desperate.
5. Play tennis, but don't get REALLY into it, remember it's just a fun hobby for Blair.
6. Go tanning with your friends, don't be afraid to sunbathe topless if you are on a private beach.
7. Be popular, or at least be the head of your group.
8. Go to/throw a lot of parties and functions.
9. Have a gorgeous, preppy boyfriend. He doesn't have to be smart, but he has to be VERY sexy and desired, as well as very preppy. Bonus points if he's rich and loves sailing.
10. Make a big deal out of everything other people do that annoys you, but rarely whine about yourself.
11. Try to stretch out fights for as long as they can last. Make sure they are the one to apologize.
12. Be a drama queen, but still remain cool. Don't cause a scene in public, but if your pissed off, make sure everyone else knows it!
13. Be confident. Know that you are always right.
14. You should never feel bored or deprived of attention. If it feels like your (LONG TERM) boyfriend is ignoring you, call them exessively, buy them presents and leave them notes until they pay you attention again. If you feel bored, either watch an Audrey Hepburn movie, go shopping/into the city, go get coffee with friends, read a magazine such as Vogue or Elle, take a bath with luxury products, go see a movie, or if you are DESPERATE watch TV.
15. Go on lots of really nice vacations! Don't camp or stay in a trailer, always insist on a great hotel, and don't go anywhere boring. Somewhere on the coast, or somewhere overseas/exotic is good.
16. ALWAYS get what you want, no matter what you have to do to get it.
17. Blair isn't a slut, she doesn't sleep around or dress like a desperate hoe. But she does dress sexy, for example leather pants, singlets, sexy dresses and tasteful miniskirts.


Red (or maroon?) color of our finished Research Paper in STS that we have submitted almost late because of the stupid bookbind thing.

Thank goodness it's already done! Hmm.. Let me see that.. Ok. Minus one to my "Things to Worry" list! Woohoo! Let's toast to that! :)
as in I'M DONE WITH YOU!!!

Research Paper: The Making
Imbestigadors :p

♥ The red roses and balloons sold outside of our school today.

When I entered the main gate of the school this morning, I saw these group of vendors selling red balloons and roses and I was like... "Awww" :)

C'mon Simon!

V-day date with my girls at GG. Ooppss.. I mean, GJ. Haha. (Maannn, your GG addiction is contagious :p) We have stayed there for almost 3-hours long because of our almost unending catching up and kwentuhan session. Lovette!

Who needs a BF anyway?

And lastly...

♥ Red is for with my favorite red tattered pambahay shirt I should have worn today because it's Valentine's. Haha. Ack. Talk about redundancy :p Actually, it has no significant connection with this post and the events for today, I just want to give some daily dose of my narcissism :p

Happy Heart's day to everyone

Loveless but definitely lovable :)

I'll be returning comments tomorrow, promise :D Goodnight to everyone!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Backslider

A Girl Raped in Dagupan

A girl went to a party and she ended up staying longer than planned, and had to walk home alone. She wasn't afraid because it was a small town and she lived only a few blocks away. As she walked along under the tall elm trees, Diane asked God to keep her safe from harm and danger. When she reached the alley, which was a short cut to her house, she decided to take it. However, halfway down the alley she noticed a man standing at the end as though he was waiting for her. She became uneasy and began to pray, asking for God's protection. Instantly a comforting feeling of quietness and security wrapped round her, she felt as though someone was walking with her. When she reached the end of the alley, she walked right past the man and arrived home safely. The following day, she read in the newspaper that a young girl had been raped in the same alley just twenty minutes after she had been there. Feeling overwhelmed by this tragedy and the fact that it could have been her, she began to weep. Thanking the Lord for her safety and to help this young woman, she decided to go to the police station. She felt she could recognize the man, so she told them her story. The police asked her if she would be willing to look at a lineup to see if she could identify him. She agreed and immediately pointed out the man she had seen in the alley the night before. When the man was told he had been identified, he immediately broke down and confessed. The officer thanked Diane for her bravery and asked if there was anything they could do for her. She asked if they would ask the man one question. Diane was curious as to why he had not attacked her. When the policeman asked him, he answered, "Because she wasn't alone. She had two tall men walking on either side of her." Amazingly, whether you believe or not, you're never alone. Did you know that 98% of teenagers will not stand up for God? Repost this as A GIRL RAPED IN (your city) if you truly believe in God. PS: God is always there in your heart and loves you no matter what "If you deny me in front of your friends, I shall deny you in front of my Father"


93% wont repost this

Lets raise this number.

I love God

I have read this in the friendster bulletin a while back and I was moved by the thought of the message. I swear, it had touched me so much that it made me cry. It's a chain message (obviously) but I didn't mind because it's the message that I'm after for. I have a soft heart when it comes to things like these you know. Haha. Yeah right. Sorry about that again. Btw, Hannah, a schoolmate in grade school posted it.

Deep, deep sigh. I hate it like this but my memories suddenly comes back..

I was 7 or 8 years old back then when I became a born-again Christian, a very active one. Because I was living with my relatives who were active Christians too, I became deeply involved in Church activities and so at a meager age, I accepted God and slowly, not so long after, my life revolved inside the Church and with God.

I was in 5th grade when I transferred in a Christian school (FYI: I use to transfer schools at lot) and that's the point in my life where I felt closest to God. The foundation of my Christianity grew stronger and stronger. Later, my faith became indestructible, or so I thought.

Looking and comparing myself before and the present, I can say that I am a completely changed person. (Everybody changes right?) What I am now is a whole lot different from my life when I was younger. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t imagine myself now being a downright religious person talking to God everywhere, reading the Bible constantly and memorizing verses on my way home like I was before. Yeah, let me repeat that again, like I was before. LOL. It's nothing really. I just know that these days, that's kinda weird to imagine. Now I am wondering if my classmates back in grade school think I was...weird. Haha. I really think they did. Oh yes, how can I forget? How can I not remember them bullying me after our Wednesday devotions in school, calling me "Banal" and stuffs. (You know who you are. Haha)

With all of that, I could say that I was living an almost perfect Christian living. But that was before.

When my parents got separated, I told God and myself that if He will send a miracle for my Mom and Dad to reconcile, I'll offer my life to Him forever. I was so serious about it that I prayed for it every single night before I sleep, every Wednesdays of our Devotion in school and every Sundays in Church. I prayed hard that they'll be together and we'll have a happy family again and I never failed to include that in my prayers. I have never missed to pray about my Mom and Dad, about our family.

But after 2 years, I gave up. I lost my faith and turned my back to God or in the Christian term, I backslide. A lot of trials and problems came to test my faith and I failed to win over them.

Yes, I loss and now, I am lost. I lost my direction in life. I lost my faith in God. I lost...myself.

But despite all of these, I know that God has never forsaken me all these years. He never did to anyone. I know he has His reasons why he didn't answer my prayer about Mom and Dad. In the right time, eventually, I'll know why.

God has always been there for me. I know in my heart that He’s just waiting for me to come back home but...I think I’m not ready yet. It's been like 10 years since I turned back my faith so it’s not that easy on my part to turn back as well to the mistakes I’ve done and all the wrong decisions that I’ve made. (Oh gosh, it's hard to explain but i do hope you got my point.) A lot of things had happen in the past that I cannot change anymore. It's complicated but I know He'll understand.

I'm not yet prepared and I need more time to think things over.

I just hope it’s not yet too late when that time comes…

Friday, February 8, 2008

Randomness Attackkkkk!

So there you go. I have no class today and I'm a total bummer. Please bear with me. Thankyouverymuch.
I have nothing to say really so for now, get a taste of my randomness. Ahh. This is life! Bwahaha.
Hear ye, hear ye! Cindy's (aka Francesca Milyonarya) weblog is now hosted at ilabyu.net so to all her numerous fans and online friends out there, kindly changed her links to cindy.ilabyu.net. Thanks a gazillion :D
She must be having a hard time right now telling all her friends online about it so as a good friend of hers (we're friends Cindy, right?) I would like to help her through my blog and I hope that it would be of great help to her.
And I'm doing this all because She.is.Blair.Waldorf. LOL.


I'm mishing Misha again. Hey girl! Are you still in the gym or what? Haha. Kidding kiddo. "Magupdate kana! LOL." Well actually, Cindy said those exact words to me. Hahaha. She obliged me to update (big joke) so I'm gonna try if it'll work on you. Whaha :D
Today is February 8 and 6 days to go before Valentine's day. Wait... Did I just say that aloud? Am i really counting days before Vday? Oh no, no. This is so not me! Haha.

Yeah, Valentines. Nah. Whatever. Screw Valentines day. I dread it's coming and I hope you all know why. LOL.

No MYMP pictures yet and for all you know, it's Shine's fault. Haha. I just can't wait to share it all to you :D

As for now, I'll just have to share to you my newest favorite song from MYMP, So Perfect. Very, very nice and happy song :) I heard it in the concert last Saturday (I'm so not over it yet :p) because I was too busy taking pictures of Juris. Haha. In the midway of the concert, I just found myself realizing that I wasn't focused on the concert anymore. Hahaha. Thanks to Kuya Renz for making me remember of this song. With all of these you can tell that I'm a HUGE fan of MYMP.

So here it is. So Perfect by MYMP. This song is Oh-So-Perfect! Oh-So-Lovette! Enjoy :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

In Your Dreams

Apple wants this!

Ahem ahem. *Clears throat* I love you Mom and Dad. Hahaha.
Yeah right. LOL :p

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm Losing Control

Current mood: Pissed off
Damn it! I want this sem to end and I want it NOW.
I know, "hate" is a harsh word (quoted from Renee) but I'm really beginning to hate some of my classmates in our block particularly their group—and that's official. Believe me, I'm trying my best not to use the word hate or not to have this feeling of hatred to anyone but it's leaving me no choice since that's the only word I could think of at the moment to describe my feelings towards them. It's like I want to scream! They're really getting to my nerves and they're going way out of my league. Arghhh.. I'm really, really, really pissed off with the way they talk or approach me. I'm pissed off with their faces! They are so mean, rude and BASTOS.
Hey you! You know exactly who you are. If ever you're reading, kindly read this loud and clear: stop acting to me like as if you're someone or as if you know everything and stop trying my patience because I'm about to explode and blow your faces up in no time.I'm not asking you to respect me as your leader or what because I already have lots of respect for myself and for other people, my only point is that if you don't have anything good to say or you can't say things in a nice (or at least in a calm way) could you please just shut your mouth and better yet, GET LOST. I'm going through a lot of things right now and I'm facing a lot of problems so please just leave me alone and don't add yourself up to my burdens. I'm tired and sick of it.
Mood shift.
I'm glad it's the middle of the week and our Family Class was finally over. Thank goodness. Well I therefore conclude that the program has been somehow (?) successful except that our speaker was very, very late. The Mayor of San Fabian also attended the occasion.

Again, I'm too lazy to share more happenings in school and whatnots so for now, let the pictures do the talking.

Btw, mymp concert pics will be uploaded soon. I promise :)

The Lethal Injection. *Evil Grin*

Kuya Renz on John Carlo

Shine on Izan

Izan on Shine
Monday. Health Care RLE. Kuya Renz, Shine and Izan had their return demo on IM and Skin Testing.
Son, Ruben, Shine and Me

Misha you're not alone. I hate cameras too! LOL.

Pan Pan! You're so cute :) Whaaa! I want a pet dog na rin!


my pimples sucks. deal with it :p

After that hate post, let's get into the opposite side of it. This time around, I'll be talking about LOVE :D
Meet my new love, Pan Pan. He's a very, very adorable pug of my Thai neighbor, New. Now I'm serious that I want a pet dog! Yeah, I'm falling in love with a dog and I think he does too! The feeling is mutual. LOL.
So this is my first-ever personal video taken yesterday. There's nothing special about this video. You can only here my cute voice talking to Pan Pan. Kidding.

PS. Pan Pan speaks English so I have to speak English too. Any problem with that? LOL.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The MYMP Experience

Woohoo! Grabe mga friends kakagaling ko lang nanood ng concert ng MYMP sa Astrodome. Kakauwi ko nga lang ngayon kasi around 12 na natapos ang concert.
Hahaha. At talagang hindi na ako makapaghintay na ikwento noh? Inaantok na ako pero gusto ko nang ikwento ngayon habang its fresh pa sa mind ko. Baka mawala sa memories ko. Hehe. Tsaka parang news reporting kasi yan eh: serve it while it's still hot :D
Weew! It was a blast mga dude! Super kaduper ENJOY talaga. Sulit na sulit ang 200P na entrance fee :p I will never regret na nanood ako ng concert kesa magtype para sa research paper namin. Lol. Hmmp. Bukas na yun. I mean, mamaya. Umaga na pala. Haha. Sorry :D
Ano kasi, 1-time experience lang to mga dude. Malay mo, diba? Baka di na sila magconcert ulit dito sa Dagupan. Haha. (Ang OA ko naman) 1st time ko din palang manood ng concert kaya sobrang excited ang lola mo! Pramis! As in ngayon lang talaga.
KJ much? Not much. Haha. Ang totoo nga nyan, I'm an outgoing type of person, yung tipong always on the go pero pag mga rock bands and the like, nagpapass ako kasi parang nakakatamad. I mean, duh. Ayoko talaga...kahit ilibre mo pa ako. Lol. I told myself kasi na if it's not MYMP, di bale nalang. I swear. Matutulog nalang ako. Haha. I have never liked to watch such concerts not unless it's MYMP. Yeah boi! Maka-MYMP talaga ako forever eversince they're starting palang, since nung pinakauna nilang song, "A Little Bit" hanggang ngayon na sikat na sikat na sila.
I'm with Shine pala kanina with her family. Yup, naki-join ako sa kanila since tinatamad daw si ate. Haha. Alam nyo, ang KEWL talaga ng parents ni Shine kasi game na game pa silang manood ng concert kasama ng mga anak nila. Aww.. So sweet :) Nakakainggit talaga ang family ni Shine.
So yun, mga front act muna bago ang MYMP. 3 bands lahat before the main event. Unang nagperform ang Noodles, yung band ni Kuya Renz (naks naman ang "Crazy for you") then yung Fragile, band nila Kuya Oti, Associate Editor ng Ulnos na hindi ko kinaya ang rocker mode ever! Lol. Parang hindi lang kasi ako sanay :p Haha. And yung last band, I forgot the name pero what I can remember is that agaw-eksena ang performance nila kanina. Haha. Medyo scary and weird sila eh. May sumulpot pang mga mukhang gangsta (whatever) out of the blue. Tawang-tawa kami ni Shine kung alam nyo lang. Hahaha.
Edit: Impro band daw yung name ng last band according to Kuya Renz and I knew it! Nakadrugs nga daw ang mga loko :p Sheesh.
Sa monday na ang mga pics kasi low-bat ang digicam ko kaya andun lahat ng mga pics kay Shine. Darn it! Asar ako. Nadala ko nga yung cam, hindi ko rin naman nagamit. So stupid ko kasi, nakalimutan kong palitan ng battery. Tck tck. Kung kelan may mga important occasions or what dun naman walang battery or nakalimutan ang memory card. Kamusta naman yun diba? For the second time around na to ah. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. I told you, malas ako this week :p
Lesson for the day: always check the battery and memory card of your digicam.
Whaaa! Grabe mga friends! Ang galing-galing talaga ni Juris, I swear! I love her and her voice to the nth power! Fan girl much? Oo naman and I wouldn't deny that :p Hayyy.. Kung ganon lang sana ang boses ko kay Juris.. Hehe. Dream on! Grabe, it's just Juris's angelic voice that can make goosebumps all over my body. (Tama ba yung pagkasabi ko? Ah bahala na. Heehee) Amazing talaga, pramis :D
We didn't had the chance na makapagtake ng picture with her. Kuya Renz did. Inggit akooo! Andami kasing mga marshalls. Pero kahit na, I had the chance to see her naman face-to-face. Bheh :p I can't believe I saw her that close, as in really close. As in nasa harap ko na siya. We took lots of pictures while she's performing at meron ding super close up. Watch out for the pics soon :)
Here's more: nahawakan ko yung hands ni Jurisss! Pwede na akong mamatay. Hahaha. Fan na fan ang dating. Yuck. Lol.
Hoy Shine naaasar ako sayo! Ikaw lang ang may evidence na nakapag-shake hands ka kay Juris! I haaaatte you!!! Hehe.
Well anyway, yun lang naman so far. To sum up, I LOVE MYMP, I LOVE JURIS and super nagenjoy ako kanina. NakakaStarstruck :) Talk about the MYMP syndrome, I can't stop singing MYMP songs inside my mind. Haha.
PS. Edited na po to kasi inaantok na talaga ako kagabi kaya ngayon ko palang talaga nabasa yung mga pinagsusulat ko :p
Good morning to everyone!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

The 30 minute post

For the past few weeks, I must confess that I've been overly obsessing myself to blogging and sort of things like that in which, if you can notice, the updates are posted almost everyday. With a maximum of 4-5 posts a week, how-do-you-think-was-that? Hmm.. Most probably that's because a lot of things had happened to me last week like those mixed emotions, outrageous events and stressful encounters with people in school that's why I can't help myself to blog and tell the whole world about it. As you know (if you care to know or the hell you care to read my previous posts), this blog has been my one and only outlet for now. Well at least for now. Yes, I do have friends (and I have a lot) but I've decided not to bother them with my own problems not because I don't consider them anymore as friends or they aren't good friends or they aren't willing to listen but because I believe that we all have our own problems.

My friends have problems too, I guess. Hahaha.

So where am I? Oh. But this week is gonna be different since finals is just around the corner. *Deepest sigh ever* I've been busy this past few days because of my overwhelming pending school stuffs that needs to be done plus the unending freakin' more that awaits me. And since I can't settle anymore to sit down and glue my face in front of the computer longer than the usual especially during weekends, I'll be trying my best to do my posts for a maximum of 30 minutes. Yeah right!

I mean, why not? Like a 30 minute challenge. Lol. Do you think that's fast enough or that's still lame slow? Tsk tsk. My poor typing skill is to blame ok! Haha. Very lame it is :p

It's been a week already since my last entry so I felt the need to update or else the thoughts and memories will blow in my mind and I ϋber missed blogging you know. It's Friday night and it's time to blog! Haha.

30 minutes? Let's see. Bwahaha. The timer starts...

Warning: Taglish blog ahead. Random, very random.

Cindy :)

Haha. Random agad :p


Sabado night, it was Pherica's 18th birthday and I was sooo late. The party started at around 5 pm according to the invitation (the one that I only had the chance to see nung andun na ako sa mismong venue. nyaks) and there I came at 7 pm. Talk about a grand entrance. The good thing was, I was still able to catch up and gave my speech. Too bad that I can't be able to post our pictures because the stupid me forgot the memory card of my digicam inside my laptop. WTH?!

Kaasar talaga! Sayang ang Kodak moments. Haha. Tck. Andun pa naman yung mga super loved and missed kong mga HS friends to the nth power. Parang that night was like a reunion-slash-debut-in-one of our barkada from way back. I missed them so much talaga, as in. It's been like forever since I last saw most of them except for my bessy Ching since we always get to see each other in school. Kulang lang ang mga ever pasaway na sila Dexie and Rose Ann. Hayy.. Sayang talaga :(


I’m back to Dagupan. ASAP was live in the City Mall. Wala lang :p


Last quiz na namin sa HC lecture. Yehey :)

Kami ni Son2 ang unang nagdemo ng IM and Skin testing sa RLE and WTF?! What a traumatizing experience talaga! I cried with all my heart my friends, I swear. Umiyak talaga ako ng sobra. Naging super laughing stuff siguro ako ng mga classmates ko. Akala nila siguro takot ako or something pero I’m not. No, no.

Nakakahiya ba na umiyak ang isang 18 year old, 2nd year nursing student over a super duper painful shot of 0.9 mm of distilled or saline solution (thanks for that reminder
Lad) and a 0.1 mm of ascorbic acid? Tell me please! Tell me. Ah. Ewan. Bahala na. Di naman siguro. Hmmp.. Well anyway, I really don’t care sa sasabihin nila. Eh ang sakit kaya?! Kung sila kaya ang nasa kalagayan ko na matusukan for exactly 5 freakin’ times all in all?? 4 times lang naman sa Skin testing and 1 time sa IM. Sige nga? Sige nga? Please explain that to me? Huhuhu. Nagkamali kasi Son on his 1st shot kaya inulit nia sa other arm ko tapos mali ulit then again nung Tuesday morning on our Health Care Lec tapos mali ulit. Arrraayyy ko po!!! Of course, I was so tensed and everything nung tinusok ko na yung syringe for skin testing, bevel up, 45° and then for IM, bevel down, 90° sa arm ni Son pero tama naman! I got it the both IM and skin testing nang tama on the 1st shot. Oh diba?

I’m not mad at Son or what. He’s a very good friend of mine and it’s never his intention naman to hurt me eh. Obviously, nagkataon lang talaga na nagkamali sya. I love you still Son :) Friends pa rin tayo ha? HIGH FIVE!


I’ve been cursed ata. Friday the 13th kasi ang drama ko this Tuesday. Basta. I feel so unlucky talaga. One big MALAS! Huhu. You have no idea what I’ve been through mga ate and kuya. Grabe talaga. It’s like andun na ako sa point na naiiyak na ako sa sobrang kamalasan ko.

Here’s some of my kamalasan escapade:

  • Nauntog ako sa jeep for about 2-3 times today. For real! No exaggeration here.
  • Mali-mali yung pinaprint kong certificates. Letche talaga!!! Sorry about that. Badtrip talaga kasi eh. 15 copies na full page colored certificates ang naprint na walang “E” sa Northwestern. I just came to notice na it spelled NORTHWSTERN nung tapos na. WTH! WTF! What a waste! What-a-big-stupid-me! Whaaaa :(
  • 3 beses kong pinuntahan ang isang taong I really need to talk to about one of our projects. Take note: mahal ang pamasahe ngayon ok? Hindi ko man lang maabu-abutan! Bakit naman ganon? Bullshark naman talaga oh!
  • Wala si Dean, hindi din mapipirmahan ang mga certificates para sa mga special guests naming for Family Class! Kamusta naman yun??

Basta marami pa… Di ko na matandaan eh.


Tinatamad na ako. Basta malas ako this week. I’ll post about these kamalasan next time.

Gusto ko nang palitan ang lay-out ng blog ko!

Please help me! Bakit ba kasi nakakabaliw mag-aral ng Adobe Photoshop? Ayookooo na! Hehe.

Sana kahit yung simple lang. White background. Please, please?

Lad bukas ko na yung tag mo :) Hehe.


Calling all nursing students na makakabasa ng post na to:

I need your help. May sample FNCP ba kayo dyan? Help naman oh. Puleeeezz! Sa monday na namin ipa-pass :)

Send it to my email: lyra_sweetasapple@yahoo.com


BOOK REPORT pa pala! Meron ba kayo? Yung mga tipong Sherlock Homes and sort of like that. Huhuhu. I know, I know. I'm helpless and hopeless na. So what? Hehe.


The timer starts... NOW. hehehe. Now palang :p

Sorry, hindi pala applicable ang 30 minutes para sa post na to :)