Sunday, May 31, 2009

Something to think about

This is a reblog from my Tumblr account (I update there more often) and I just felt like sharing it also here in my blogspot for the sake of sharing and....updating of course :p

mariakatrina said: So yeah. Shame.

asiana said:

FU Hayden Kho. FU senate people taking this seriously instead of the H1N1 virus.

You’d rather blow up and cover (either way) his big stupid pile of mess than stop a virus that could possibly spread more if not prevented soon.

I say this is one idiotic publicity stunt. Sex scandals happen every day, geez. If this were the case, then the senate should make a big deal of every sex scandal caugh on video, no matter how ugly the quality is or how cheap it looks. Paris Hilton’s scandal didn’t reach the US senate when it happened before (mmm, correct me if I’m wrong), so why in the world does our senate think THIS is more important than the H1N1 virus.

Somehow I’m glad I don’t watch the local news anymore since they don’t give out real news anyway.

One Fifth Avenue said:

I am beginning to seriously think about this issue. I think it’s another escapist way of covering the H1N1 outbreak. Yup, that’s how we solve our problems. We bomb malls and review sex tapes. Sobrang nakakawalang pag-asa.

I say:

Very well said people :)

I really agree with this. I mean, why the hell is our dumb Senate people over-reacting (to the most exagge level BTW) with this stupid and idiotic sex scandal issue in the first place anyway? Okay fine, Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili has a sex video scandal, SO THE HELL WHAT?! I mean, haleeeeerrrr it’s not like this is the:


Sure, I don’t really watch the news every single day- I know that’s a bit lame but what’s the point really?- so maybe I’m not really that knowledgeable about this whole stupid matter OR worst, maybe I really don’t know anything about it that's why I don't have any right to talk about it, but when you simply try to understand things with just one look, without overnanalyzing things, everything seems really really really pointless especially when there are helluva LOTS and LOTS of more important situations in our country that needs to be given more attention.

Come on Senate people! Where’s the tiniest shreds of dignity left in you?


Mayee said...

I agree. Parang hindi nila naririnig-rinig yung mga comments about this issue. Wala naman talagang ka-kwenta-kwenta eh. Nakakahiya lang sila kasi lalo pa nila brino-broadcast :| Ugh. Di halatang may galit din ako noh? Haha. Kasi naman eh. >:|

Alex said...

True. Why the hell are they focusing on this issue way too much? Our country has bigger problems. Tsktsktsk....Hayyy...kawawa naman ang Pilipinas...

Anyway, thanks for the visit Ate. =)

krishA said...

haha first of all thanks apple for sticking up for me, grabe hindi ako sanay na mataray ka. I appreciate it bruha, really I do :)

about your entry, its because filipinos love gossip. I was having a conversation with my friend about this too, and used Paris Hilton as an example, I said the same thing. Why is Katrina's scandal so big right now? GAWD, nakakahiya, kapag may foreigner na nakanood ng news natin, at makita iyon matatawa nalang eh.

issshhh said...

Roll eyes!

AYOKO NAAAA. hahaahah!


pamela said...

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