Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Enrollment day

The enrollment today can only be described by one word: CRAZY.

As the President (ahem) of the class- since I really don’t have any choice- I enrolled 20 people from our class in Section 3. Well actually, the enrollment flow is quite smooth and fine unlike the previous years but what made it crazy is my classmates who are being so demanding and a bit inconsiderate for back-outing the last minute.

But anyway, after all this, what’s important is that I am already enrolled.

Oh my gosh, this got me so nervous already. Senior year, HERE I COME :)

P.S. Spot my new rebonded hair! Yay or Nay? :)

P.S.S. Whoa what a very short post I got here. Well anyway, it's just for the sake of updating really. Will make a decent post SOON. Watch out for that! =)


krishA said...

huwaw sexy ;)

haha, congrats.. senior ka na bru!
konti nalang tapos na :)

issshhh said...

Senior year na Apple! I didnt know you updated already? HAHA! Nakita ko na naman yung newly rebonded hair mo. Inggit na naman ako. =))

Grabe, ang hirap maging president no? Kapikon minsan!

gelai said...

sis!! ur bak! kala q ndi mo na gagamitin ung blog mo eh hehe.. IMY! :] hehe.. wow, senior kna pla and btw, nice hair.. :]

sis, nagbblog pa ba c ate ishna?

Apple said...

@krishA: Thanks sis! :) Yep 4th year na ako. Nakakatense. Hehehe. Konting tiis nalang talaga! Yay!!!

@issshhh: sorry sorry hindi ako masyadong nakapagbloghop after ko tong pinost. Rush much kasi eh. Hahaha. Yep senior na ako! (dance) Malapit na. Konti nalang! Hahaha.

Anyway, thanks parebond much kana din!!! Hehehe.

Sinabi mo pa, kapikon talaga to the highest level. resign na ako this sem i swear!!! hehe.

@gelai: thanks sis! I miss your blog girl! akala ko nga rin hindi ko na to mababalikan, eh ayun vacation naman so lubos-lubusin. hehehe. IMY too!!!!

Yep nagbloblog pa siya. nagiba lang ng link much. Eto oh: http://ishmoi.blogspot.com/ :)

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